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Gail Howard was in and out of Ceylon several times buying gemstones before the island nation became known as Sri Lanka. The gem trade lured Gail back to Ceylon again and again. But Ceylon was not the only country where she traded in gems.

Once Gail bartered for gems just to see how far she could take her original $6 purchase. In Calcutta, India, Gail visited a gem shop where she traded two $3 Hong Kong watches for $54 worth of loose semi-precious stones – nine deep golden topaz in 6-carat and 8-carat sizes. Gail traded the golden topaz stones for $190 worth of black star sapphires from the Chanthaburi Mines in Thailand. In Singapore, she traded the black star sapphires for two 18 karat gold bracelets that weighed more than 100 grams (four ounces) each.

In Seoul, Korea, in 1964, Gail bought gold bars which could be purchased in Korea for $27 an ounce. At the time, the price of gold in the USA was $35 an ounce. Each bar was stamped from the mint 99.99 pure gold.

In Hong Kong, Gail had her jeweler make dozens of wide wedding bands from the gold bars. Each ring was stamped inside 99.99 and 24K (24 karat gold). Because pure gold is soft and scratches easily, Gail designed the rings with a Florentine finish except for shiny hairline edges at the top and bottom. The rings turned out beautifully, very rich-looking and elegant. On her next trip to Japan, Gail sold all the pure gold wedding band rings to jewelry stores in Tokyo for a huge profit.

No matter where in the world she traveled, Gail enjoyed the opportunities she found to make money along the way. Not only did it pay for her travels, but it gave her a more intimate knowledge of the people in the countries where she was doing business.

After traveling the globe for 12 years in 130 countries, she returned to the USA and became a stock broker, then a commodities futures trader. Gail used her skills in charting and technical analysis to create a method of picking winning lottery numbers.

Gail has written several lottery books and has a line of lotto software. Five of her books are currently in print in English, including her best selling book, Lottery Master Guide. Gail's website is or

Visit Gail Howard's other travel adventure web sites (with more to come). Countries so far include: Alaska, Egypt, the South Pacific, Ecuador, the Galapagos, the Philippines, Russia, Colombia, and The Gambia, West Africa.

Gail Howard's Lottery Master Guide

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