Gail Howard's Gem Trade Adventures in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in 1965 and 1966

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Dear Gail Howard,

I was browsing through the Internet, wanting to find some details of my uncle Rafi Joonoos, who was the fourth generation great grandson of Meera Cany Joonoos, the founder of M. C. Joonoos & Co Jewellers & Gem Merchants established in the Gall Fort, in Sri Lanka, when I came across some interesting articles revolving around you and your adventures in Ceylon, as it was known then.

It was quite amazing and truly intriguing to note and see that you had briefly been in touch with my uncle, and I am very much interested to look at the possibilities of reconnecting with you.

The simple reason being that M. C. Joonoos & Co jewellers and Gem merchants since 1855, is yet in existence being handed down the family line, finally now resting in the very capable hands of Saabri Joonoos, Rafi Joonoo's middle son of three.

We are now carrying on with our proud family business which has stood the test of time for over the past 157 years, yet being owned and run by the same family since its inception, which in itself is an unique achievement in todays business world.

I would truly appreciate a reply to this mail, and hope we can meet sometime and catch up with all the fantastic and very interesting stories of your stay in Sri Lanka and your operations in the gem and jewellery industry in the country together with your associations with the gem dealers of our country.

You may visit our website to have a preview of our history and all other details at your convenience.

Awaiting a reply soon.

Thanking you,

Afflli Raheem, Director.
M. C. Joonoos & Co.,
Jewellers & Gem Merchants since 1855
Dear Affli Raheem,

It was a delightful surprise hearing from you.

I see that Rafi ran your company until 1990. What happened to him after that? Is Rafi still alive?

I visited your website with your marvelous 157-year family history and saw that you are using the photo I took of Rafi in 1966.

I would be happy to be in contact with you. I wish I had heard from you before my last trip to Sri Lanka two years ago. We could have met then. I don't know when I will be repeating that trip. But I would love to see you in Las Vegas, where I now live, if you ever come here.

Dear Aunty Gail,

As you have had close connections with our family, I take the privilege to address you as "Aunty Gail", and trust you will not mind this at all. It surely was very pleasing to hear from you, and trust this mail finds you well. Thank you.

Yes Uncle Rafi ran the company up until the time of his very unfortunate demise in 1992! I am sure this news will be very saddening to you. As I did say earlier Uncle Rafi's son Sabri Joonoos is now at the helm of the company.

It was indeed unfortunate to have got in contact with you as late as this, as it would have certainly been a wonderful thing to have met with you on your visit two years ago, to Sri Lanka. But having said that, we can always be hopeful of meeting sometime in the near future either in Las Vegas or Sri Lanka, to which I am earnestly looking forward to as it would be great to meet with you and indulge in your experiences in the past in Sri Lanka and its gem dealers.

I hope and trust that this association once again with the Joonoos family, would be the start of a continuation of your adventures in Sri Lanka from where you left off, and do hope that we will be in contact as and when time does permit us.

I would like to also inquire as to whether you do have more memorable experiences to share with us about your association with my uncle Rafi and another uncle of mine Fias Salie, or with any other persons in our family in the past or thereafter, any other photographs of them, which is not on your as it will surely be something to note down in our history, and would truly appreciate if you would share these with us.

Apart from all of this, I would also like to know how you are doing, and what work do you do, as I have seen a lot of material published by you as far as how to win the lottery is concerned. This I truly wouldn't mind! As a little bit of extra $ will surely not go in waste! ;-) Have you also been to Sri Lanka on a regular basis in the past?

May GOD Bless you always, and do look forward to hearing from you sometime soon.

Thanking you,

Afflli Raheem, Director.
M. C. Joonoos & Co.,
Jewellers & Gem Merchants since 1855
Sri Lanka's own Tiffany: Starting in 1855, Joonoos jewellers has had a dazzling journey. Here a fifth generation family member Mueen El Sabri Joonoos speaks to Kumudini Hettiarachchi.

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